List of (My) Life!

Here’s a list of things (big and not so big) that I aspire to achieve during my time on this beautiful earth:


  1. Have a life-changing impact on someone’s life
  2. Volunteer at a hospital:Toronto Rehab Institute – UHN 2013 to 2014
  3. Complete the 30 day Happiness Challenge
  4. Sponsor a child
  5. Donate blood: March 2015
  6. Perform random acts of kindness and not expect anything in return
  7. Help design and build a house
  8. Raise awareness for a charity
  9. Complete the 30 days of Motivation Challenge
  10. Donate clothing
  11. Truly appreciate everything I have
  12. Hug those I love more often
  13. Meditate for 30 days
  14. Take a massage class

  15. Vacation in Jamaica
  16. See the Cherry Blossoms in Japan
  17. Vacation in Riviera Maya in Mexico
  18. Visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
  19. Visit the Taj Mahal in Agra, India
  20. Walk across the Great Wall in China
  21. Visit the Maldives
  22. Visit Fiji
  23. Visit Jeju Island, South Korea
  24. Travel to Bangkok, Thailand
  25. Travel to Hawaii
  26. Vacation in Turks & Caicos
  27. Vacation in the Dominican Republic
  28. See the Pyramids in Cairo, Egypt
  29. Visit the Amazon Rainforest
  30. See the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building: 1997
  31. Vacation on the Island of Bora Bora
  32. See the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, UAE
  33. Vacation in Jamaica
  34. Set foot on every continent:
    Asia: Korea (1992)
    North America (born here)
    South America
  35. Visit all the Provinces of Canada:
    Alberta: Lake Louise and Banff 2014
    20140911_113018 2014-10-25 13.27.15
    British Columbia: Vancouver 2014
    Manitoba: stayed the night in Winnipeg Feb 2016
    New Brunswick
    Newfoundland & Labrador
    Ontario: born here
    Prince Edward Island
    Quebec: Summer 2017
    Saskatchewan :  had lunch in Regina Feb 2016
  36. Vacation in the Bahamas
  37. Visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona
  38. Witness the beauty of the Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis
  39. Go to the hot springs in Iceland
  40. Visit a dinosaur museum: Drumheller, Alberta 2014
    2014-09-12 10.57.44
  41. Visit the churches in Montreal: Summer 2017
  42. Go backpacking in Europe
  43. Float in the Dead Sea
  44. Go whale watching in Vancouver
  45. Visit the Golden Gate Bridge
  46. Travel to Greece
  47. Vacation in Japan
  48. Visit the Stonehenge in the UK
  49. Visit each of the United States of America (New York, New York 1997 & 2017, Los Angeles, California 2007)
  50. Go zip lining in Costa Rica
  51. Safari in Serengeti, Tanzania
  52. Visit Disney World with my family
  53. See the Beehive in New Zealand
  54. Travel to Bali
  55. Visit the Sydney Opera House in Australia

  56. Complete the 30 day squat challenge
  57. Learn how to salsa dance
  58. Take a yoga class
  59. Learn how to belly dance
  60. Participate in an Ironman Triathlon
  61. Achieve my healthy weight
  62. Take a kickboxing class
  63. Feel confident about my body
  64. Do a handstand again (without struggling)
  65. Do the splits
  66. Run a marathon

    Sports/Live Events
  67. Attend the Olympics
  68. Go to a World Cup game
  69. Attend a basketball game: Raptors 2014
  70. Watch a hockey game live: Hitmen 2014
    2014-10-04 18.40.49
  71. See a Musical on Broadway: Lion King NYC June 2017

  72. Go whitewater rafting
  73. Attach a lock to a love bridge
  74. Go snorkeling: On our honeymoon in Cuba, March 2017
  75. Fly first class
  76. Go on a romantic getaway
  77. Go paint-balling
  78. Score 200+ points in a bowling game
  79. Ride a jet-ski
  80. Have a picnic by a waterfall
  81. Watch a sunset in a tropical destination
  82. Go on a hike
  83. Stay at a five-star resort/hotel
  84. Visit a volcano
  85. Drive a boat
  86. Go kayaking: 2013
  87. Go hang gliding or paragliding
  88. Fly a kite
  89. Go ice fishing
  90. Swim in the ocean
  91. Go on a road trip with family/friends
  92. Go skydiving
  93. Go dog sledding
  94. Go skating
  95. Explore a cave
  96. Climb a mountain
  97. Shoot a hole in one: 2013 in mini-golf at Putting Edge
  98. Try snowblading
  99. Go to a rodeo
  100. Go parasailing
  101. Ride in a hot air balloon
  102. Swim with sea turtles
  103. Ride a camel
  104. Take an archery lesson
  105. Feed a panda
  106. Sleep in an igloo
  107. Go rock climbing
  108. Go bungee jumping
  109. Go skiing
  110. Witness a solar eclipse
  111. Go horseback riding
  112. Walk in a desert
  113. Go surfing
  114. Go star gazing
  115. Go on a spontaneous trip
  116. Go scuba diving
  117. Attend a lantern festival
  118. Go camping with good friends
  119. Go fishing and actually catch a fish (instead of sticks and seaweed)
  120. Be in the water with dolphins: Dolphin interaction while honeymooning in Cuba March 2017)
  121. Get a fish pedicure
  122. Watch a meteor shower
  123. Have a professional photo shoot: Engagement pictures July 2017
  124. Complete a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle: 2014
  125. Go to a gun range: 2012

  126. Learn pottery
  127. Teach a class
  128. Make a quilt
  129. Knit a scarf for someone I love: 2009
  130. Learn to drive standard
  131. Get a degree: Bachelor of Commerce in Law and Business
  132. Refinish a piece of furniture
  133. Learn to fly a plane
  134. Learn sign language
  135. Learn to play an instrument
  136. Learn to landscape

  137. Eat a BBQ meal in the South
  138. Eat a coconut straight from the tree
  139. Go wine tasting in Napa Valley, California
  140. Make my own ice cream
  141. Eat a kalua pig in Hawaii
  142. Go clamming
  143. Eat chicken curry in India
  144. Eat street food in China
  145. Devour a poutine in Montreal: Romado’s July 2017
  146. Eat a thali in India
  147. Go shrimping
  148. Eat croissants at a cafe in Paris
  149. Make my own bread from scratch
  150. Eat lobster in Maine
  151. Eat pad thai in Thailand
  152. Eat samosas with chutney in India
  153. Eat pizza and pasta in Italy
  154. Eat ramen from Japan
  155. Eat bahn mi in Vietnam
  156. Eat falafel in Israel
  157. Shuck oysters
  158. Eat Korean BBQ in Korea
  159. Attend a pig roast
  160. Eat pho in Vietnam
  161. Take a cooking class
  162. Eat peking duck in China
  163. Eat sannakji in Korea
  164. Eat fish and chips in England
  165. Eat schnitzel in Austria
  166. Try caviar
  167. Eat fresh seafood in Nova Scotia
  168. Eat sushi in Japan
  169. Try at least 200 different fruits (1. apple, 2. pear, 3. plum, 4. peach, 5. mango, 6. dragonfruit, 7. honeydew, 8. cantaloupe, 9. pineapple, 10. jackfruit, 11. watermelon 12. kiwi, 13. strawberry, 14. blueberry, 15. raspberry, 16. lime, 17. lemon, 18. avocado, 19. fig, 20. blackberry, 21. banana, 22. apricot, 23. cranberry, 24. cherry, 25. coconut, 26. date, 27. grape, 28. orange, 29. grapefruit, 30. guava, 31. kumquat, 32. nectarine, 33. mandarin, 34. olive, 35. papaya, 36. pomegranate, 37. prickly pear, 38. rhubarb, 39. tamarind, 40. tangerine, 41. persimmon.)

  170. Pay off all credit card debt: February 2015
  171. Start a company
  172. Pay off all student loans
  173. Build an empire
  174. Publish a book
  175. Save up for a down payment on a house
  176. Buy a car
  177. Create a successful YouTube channel
  178. Purchase a detached house before 33
  179. Invest in a stock
  180. Pay off all personal debt by August 2015: April 2015
  181. Flip a house
  182. Create a passive income stream
  183. Purchase a piece of real estate
  184. Live in a penthouse
  185. Have an infinity pool
  186. Live abroad for 6 months
  187. Become a self-made millionaire
  188. Marry the love of my life <3 – Got engaged New Years Eve 2015! Married on September 2016)
  189. Have a baby: (Pregnant! Due February 2018)
  190. Become a mother: (gave birth to a beautiful baby boy February 2018)
  191. Own and raise a puppy
  192. Pursue my passion
  193. Get a complete makeover
  194. Stop all my bad habits
  195. Kiss in the rain
  196. Speak in front of a large audience
  197. Give someone a heartfelt surprise
  198. Become a grandmother
  199. Read 50 self-help/personal development books (The Motivation Manifesto)
  200. Attend a TED Talk
  201. Conquer my biggest fear
  202. Be a bridesmaid/maid of honour:  Maid of Honour July 2016 (Helen and Kevin)
  203. Become someone’s mentor
  204. Meet a motivational speaker
  205. Slow dance with the love of my life
  206. Leave behind a legacy
  207. Grow old with the love of my life
  208. Meet a successful entrepreneur: Arlene Dickinson in 2014
  209. Learn a new language: Spanish course 2013
  210. Meet a political figure of Canada: Premier Kathleen Wynne in 2013

Reminder: Live life to the fullest, there is no goal or dream that is too small or too big to achieve! Stay strong and beautiful!

What does your life list include? Please share in the comment section below.

0 thoughts on “List of (My) Life!

  1. Emma S. says:

    Wow!! That’s an inspirational list you got there!! I only have couple things on my list but I got some great ideas from yours 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Kara says:

    Love this – especially the documentation of your progress, marking things off and posting photos. You’ve inspired me to think about my own list. Best of luck completing yours!

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