Days of Blogging

In the midst of life and all it has to offer, we often find ourselves tired and unable to do the things that we truly want to do.

I haven’t written a blog post for a number of weeks because I have been busy with other things, tired or just plain lazy. Today I commit to blog more often. I have been spending a lot of time reading books, watching helpful YouTube videos about what I can do to build a better future.

One of the noteworthy videos that I watched was: Robert Kiyosaki – 60 Minutes to Getting Rich, a seminar given by Robert Kiyosaki, Author of the best selling, Rich Dad, Poor Dad. A friend showed me the video and a lot of the concepts and thoughts that Robert was talking about, really intrigued me. So much, that the very next day I listened to the whole audiobook of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It was amazing, I felt like I had discovered a sense of security and confidence that I too could achieve wealth and prosperity. His teachings were incredible; he spoke about his ‘two fathers’ that had almost opposite mentalities and views about money. Their lifestyles reflected the way they thought about money and how they went about living their lives. The philosophies that stuck out to me the most were: that money is a choice and that money is an idea and it doesn’t make you rich. It made me realize the power of knowledge and the importance of financial literacy and how crucial knowledge really is. I highly recommend this book or e-book to anyone who is serious about their financial future.

Being a Commerce student, I mainly studied business related courses. I minored in Finance and took a series of courses including: Managerial Finance, Personal Financial Planning and Money and Banking. I remember thinking that I would never need to know these things and that all I wanted to take these courses for was to complete my minor. I wish I knew then what I know now and understood the importance of understanding one’s finances. I wish I had paid attention to what the professor was saying and understanding the concepts, theories and formulae instead of just memorizing everything until the exam.

Should Have, Would Have, Could Have
Since I can’t do anything about the past, I will focus on the present and take steps to ensure that my future is the brightest that it can be. I have been reading articles and learning about what people do to secure their futures and slowly I will accumulate the knowledge that I need to make my visions and dreams a reality!

I am disappointed in myself and somewhat in our education system. This is because our education system fails to encourage individuals and students to invest and learn about money for themselves. Instead the courses teach us how to manage other people’s companies and take care of their finances while instilling in us, that we will always be the one working for such companies. I understand that schools are also a business and they sell education. There is a false idea that is taught that entrepreneurship is followed by the statistics about how 90% of businesses fail within their first two years, or that many companies go bankrupt and that there is too much risk and loss associated with opening up a business or starting your own company.

What is not focused upon is the percentage of businesses that are successful upon opening. Schools teach you to be afraid to take risks, but remember that life is all about risks and rewards. and because of this, most people will find themselves living pay cheque to pay cheque, not having enough funds to purchase a car, house or raise children, let alone retire. The fact that many people can work full time jobs that they don’t necessarily enjoy, while doing something on the side that they love and are passionate about, is the kind of life and mentality that I used to strive for. Now I have changed my focus and my perception and since then, I have heard more stories about successful startup companies and businesses than unsuccessful ones. I too want to be my own boss. I know I have a lot of things to learn and even more things to experience so with that I am going to get back to work and continue to focus on strengthening my mind and knowledge.

Stay strong and beautiful!

The Hardest Part is Getting Started

Have you ever said you were going to do something and then did everything in your power to not do it? Chances are you have and you are not alone. This delay or act of not doing something is referred to as procrastination and could be caused by several factors including: a lack of motivation, poor planning or even fear. Procrastination is something that affects everyone sometime in their life, more often than not. It’s funny how important cleaning your room (something you normally dread) becomes when you need to study for an exam or complete an assignment; you shift your focus and look for every excuse that will help you avoid doing what it is you said you would do.

Think about it. How would you feel if you told someone you would do something and left it to the last minute, or worse how would you feel if you all you ended up doing instead was waste valuable time and not complete the task at all? I have done this too many times in the past and wrote about it in my recent post entitled: The Importance of Following Through.

Break it Down

When thinking of how to complete a task, some people tend to look at the big picture and the task as a whole and quickly become overwhelmed and discouraged. An interesting and important concept that I learned from Anthony Robbins Personal Power II series is that every action is based upon which option helps you avoid pain and gain more pleasure, at that moment in time. So when people procrastinate, they tend to associate fear to the task and feel overwhelmed, i.e.) they view it as more painful to complete the task, then they do pleasure. They start to think of other things that would cause them more pleasure and less pain, thus avoiding the task at hand. The more manageable way to complete any task is to break it down into smaller, less daunting subtasks. Make sure to take it one step at a time and reward yourself along the way.

Make a schedule

Now that you have established your subtasks, make a list in your calendar or planner, either paper-based or digital to organize yourself and give yourself a visual of what needs to be done. Some of the apps that I have found helpful and use on my phone are Google Calendar, which allows you to enter tasks with reminders and Color Note, a sticky note apps that allows you to add customizable (to-do) lists/widgets to your home screen.

Focus and Relax

In this technology crazed world sometimes it is nice to just unplug and ignore the hustle and bustle of social media. For the past week or so I spent some time on my well-being by meditating, reading a book called Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, and just taking some time to relax. I can honestly say that I am feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the week. Whenever you feel overwhelmed or need to recharge your inner self, take a step back to relax and in turn rejuvenate yourself.

Next you have to think about your goal/task and embody the way you will feel once you have completed your task. If you are looking for some unique motivation check out Eric Thomas aka ET the Hip hop Preacher. I started watching his videos a few years ago on YouTube. However, it wasn’t until this year that I actually used what he had taught me. The series that I am recommending is his (Thank God it’s Monday) TGIM series. He is not only motivational, he is also relatable and does not sugar coat anything!

Increase Your Productivity

Once you have recharged and are motivated, you are ready to get to work! If you need some help, there are many apps that can help you with your productivity, such as the ever popular Pomodoro. This timer based app enables you work productively in 25 minute intervals and then rewards you with either short  or long breaks, 5 to 10 minutes respectively.  For those who start surfing the internet unnecessarily and find it hard to avoid online distractions, there is a more intense version called Strict Workflow. This is similar to the traditional timer but it denies you access to certain websites i.e.) social media sites, gaming sites, etc., until you have earned a break. Kanban Flow is another great tool that is helpful in increasing your productivity and keeping you on track to meet all of your deadlines.

Start and Finish

Now that you have a toolbox that you can utilize, you should feel more prepared and establish what you need to do. The only thing left to do is start! Once you finally complete the task, you will feel so much better and relieved. This means that you will be less stressed and have time to do other things, with ease and without guilt. So fight the urge to procrastinate and pass by the delay and excuses and just do it. Once you take that initial step to completing that task or goal, you will start to enjoy the work. You will also have more confidence in your ability to deliver and feel happier. Procrastination means the difference between success and failure, when you procrastinate, all you do is waste precious time that you can’t get back.

From the words of Tony Robbins, “We can do whatever we want, but what counts is what we WILL do.”.

Go forth and achieve your dreams.

Stay strong and beautiful!

How do you get motivated? How do you beat procrastination?

The Motivation Manifesto…Well Worth the Read!

As many others out there, I was on YouTube watching videos, when an ad came on for the “Charged life” by Brendon Burchard. I was instantly drawn to what he was saying in his video (The Charged Life). I hopped over to his channel where I watched a few of his videos.

I subscribed right away because there is a feeling of happiness I get when I watch Brendon’s videos; with just the right mix of positivity, motivation, wit and enthusiasm, these videos will definitely deliver a dose of inspiration.

As I was watching Brendon’s videos, I learned that he had just released a book called The Motivation Manifesto. I was so inspired by his teachings and videos that I purchased it via Amazon Kindle and began reading it immediately. book I was thoroughly impressed by Brendon’s philosophy. This book is a perfect combination of motivation and truth with a poetic essence.

While guiding you to take a closer look into your life and who you are as a person, Brendon provides helpful insight and reasons why we hold back and teaches us that anyone has the ability take to turn their life around and truly be happy.

Although simple concepts are used, The Motivation Manifesto truly allows readers to come to a deeper understanding of themselves, why we act the way we do, and addresses the steps we need to take to become personally responsible for our lives!

It reminds us of who we are and how we can get back to being who we were truly meant to be and how to live our best life. This book delivers a life-changing experience that I recommend to everyone.

If you have read this book, please feel free to share your thoughts.

Stay strong and beautiful!