My Therapy

Life can be Stormy

For the past few weeks, I have to admit that I have been feeling rather down and somewhat depressed. I just feel so sad and helpless and am so disappointed in myself. I should have done more by now; I’m so far from where I want to be.

My blog posts have become fewer and fewer and I am just getting by in my desire to accomplish things. The little drive that I once had has diminished and some days I just feel like sleeping all day. But I know I can’t, I have a job to do and a life to live.

The Sun will Shine Again

On the flip side, I have sacrifices to make, lessons to learn and adventures to explore.

If there’s one thing in this life that can put a smile on my face, it has got to be music. I pretty much like all types of music. From country and classical to hip-hop and broadway and everything in between. I also enjoy the music of different cultures and different languages. It truly is like therapy to me.

So fast forward to the greatest ‘me time’ moments, when I just lay on the couch and listen to songs I grew up listening to. Hit after hit, it takes me back and I can’t help but feel happy and calm. If only I had more of these moments, I could get my drive back.

Just Go For It

I then set out to seek opportunities and just really going for whatever I felt would be beneficial to me. Amongst those opportunities was the chance to travel to the States for a few days and without hesitation, I said ‘let’s go!’ They say that travelling opens your eyes and keeps you humble. It is so interesting to see how people in different areas of the world live and work on a daily basis.

It really makes you appreciate what you have and also teaches you that if you work hard, you can also play hard. Who wouldn’t want to travel more and go on vacation whenever they wanted? However, like most things in life, travelling comes with a price. I have recently made it my goal to take life head on and conquer my fears. No more self-sabotaging, full of doubt mentality. I believe that I can do whatever I mould into my mentality and will not apologize anymore.

I used to think that my actions were helping others, but come to see that all I’ve done is neglect my own growth. Someone recently told me that whether I do something or not, nobody cares. The challenge is to keep striving to stay relevant and achieve your own goals. People will notice you at some point or the other, but it is not your job to get people to notice you. Your only purpose is to create your best life!

Below are pictures from my adventures in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. We went on a bit of a food tour and sampled a few bites from several popular foodie spots.

Las Vegas ahhh the city that never sleeps, With its bright lights and countless hotels, there’s something for everyone in Vegas. The hotels in Vegas are super creative and fun to look at.

We were there for 3 days and the trip ended with a Celine Dion concert live in Vegas. Let me tell you, that woman can sing! I was so impressed and a wave of tears just washed over me, because I was so happy and felt so blessed to be able to have this experience.

Travelling opened my eyes…it has given me drive to do what I do and do it well. It was the ‘pick me up’ that I needed and now I am focused to do well so I can have more of these experiences.

What are your travel plans or what do you do when travel opportunities come your way?

Stay strong and beautiful!